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Our weekly Lucky 15 for season 2017/18 will cover fixtures starting weekend 05/08/17.
Subscriptions for both new subscribers and long term subscribers will be available two weeks prior starting on 22/07/17.
Please do not send any monies before this date.
Proof of bets advised will be a new feature for the coming season.
This will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the final game being completed.
Also posted on the site will be updated records of money staked, profit and loss and return on outlay.
Our service is open and honest and is ideal for both novice bettors and more seasoned investors.
Please note this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a professional service dedicated to assisting punters looking to enjoy their weekend football betting and more importantly get into that enjoyable habit called winning.
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Season 2017/18 : Lucky 15 Betting Tip

All Friday night email selections for subscribers will consist of 4 games with Lucky 15 format being advised.
Punters are off course free to decide their own stake money but for the purposes of our profit/loss statistics we will be using a £2.00 unit stake, total bet £30.00.
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 After another great summer of sport we have arrived at the time of the year when football fans up and down the country are once again looking forward to the beautiful game taking centre stage. For football betting enthusiasts the prospect of taking on the layers and enjoying some handsome profits adds to the pleasure. As a seasoned campaigner who relies on sound judgement for a living I have spent the close season glued to my computer screen monitoring every snippet of data which will help give me an edge over the vast multitude of layers who are eagerly looking for a slice of a very lucrative but competitive market. The level of betting opportunities for football punters has exploded in the last few years and is now at a mind boggling level. Therefore to keep a sense of perspective and so as not to be swamped by all this round the clock action 12xbetting will only be taking a financial interest in the above mentioned leagues. Bookmakers are human and are prone to greed, therefore to take advantage as a punter it is imperative to develop a niche. Therefore for the 2017/18 season if you enjoy betting on the Japanese J league or South American action we are not going to be the service for you. That is not to say betting on such leagues is bad policy, if that is your niche market, opportunities to come out ahead are there. However for purpose of clarity especially for new followers 80% of our advised bets are from the lower leagues in England and Scotland with European bets added to the mix when standout opportunities avail. Once again as last season free bets will be advised midweek when outstanding value looks the order of the day. Please if you are frustrated with your lack of returns please take the time to read this site and consider investing in a service that guarantees sound professional advice at all times. Weekend selections and results are put on the website the following Monday.
 Let the fun begin.


If come 4.50pm every Saturday during the football season you are habitually complaining to your mates about your unlucky football selections you are not alone. Thousands upon thousands of football fans lose their hard earned cash in a similar manner every weekend and unfortunately for themselves never learn the lessons from this painful experience. STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP. Betting on football can be pleasurable, exciting and most importantly of all PROFITABLE but sadly far too few punters experience these moments. As an ex industry insider I have years of experience of how the layers operate and the lengths they will go to to stay ahead of the game. With my guidance and knowledge I can transform your shabby, slapdash and amatuerish approach to your football bets and guide you to areas and approaches used by the serious players and investors who know what it takes to turn a profit at this game.


Betting on football these days is massive. Bookmakers cannot wait for August as they rub their hands in anticipation at the massive returns they will run up over the impending 9 months. 98.5% OF FOOTBALL PUNTERS LOSE MONEY. FACT. If you are one of the winning 1.5% who know how to turn a profit and are shrewd enough to get the better of the layers over the course of the season I congratulate you. Well done indeed. However the chances are if you are reading this article right now you are not one of those very astute investors. You are more likely to be accustomed to last minute equalisers, main man sent off, goals disallowed, dubious penalties and the other agonies we have all suffered when we pit our wits against the bookie. FOOTBALL MATCHES ARE VERY, VERY UNPREDICABLE. FACT.


Whenever a layer offers something new, market wise, be on your guard and try not to get sucked in. One bet which has become very profitable for them is for both teams to score, which in all truth is a slight variation on the under/over 2.5 goals bet. A lot of punters think that both sides scoring would mean plenty of goals but, of course, 1-1 scorelines stay in the under 2.5 goals camp. Equally, some think that one side failing to score that the game would have few goals in it, but sides winning by three or more goals to nil would take the game into the overs camp. The number of games where one side wins by 3 or more goals to nil or where the score is 1-1 are closer than punters imagine. In other words, both sides to score is another toss of the coin job with a similar tangential relationship to the current form of both teams. Later in the season I plan to analyse the relationship between relative form and league positions and the under/overs, both sides to score and one or neither side to score scenarious. It is doubtful however I will uncover a flashing light revealing an area hiding hidden gold but of course for bookies the real money lies in making punters believe the bet is much easier than it really is. Ladbrokes have started a new bet with what they call a safety net attached. It guarantees a payout even if one of your selections fail. Basically what they are trying to do is tempt more punters to select large multiple accumulators. The safety net however comes at a price that really is not doing the punter any favours. What to remember and this may seem obvious is that five ,six, seven team accumulators are frequently let down by more than one team. Punters like to think there is always just one team which has let them down as these are the bets which stay in the mind longer due to increased disapointment at a near miss. It is that feeling this betting is trading on. Take my advice and leave well alone.


An example of Spread Betting As well as Asian handicaps, another form of betting I get asked about a lot is spread betting. This is a little more complex than straightforward 12x and is something I will go into with a more in depth analysis as the season progresses but the following scenario is a typical example. Take, for example, a Premier League football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. The bookmaker offers a spread of 10-11 on the number of corners in the match. Punters can then ‘buy’ at the higher number quoted or ‘sell’ at the lower value depending on how many corners they think there will be. If you think that the majority of the game will be played in the middle of the park as the two midfields jostle for position then you would likely induce that there will be few corners and thus ‘sell’ the corners at 10. If you ‘sell’ to a stake of £10, for example, then for every corner there is under 10 you win £10. So if there are only four corners in the match you win £60, however, if the number of corners is more than 10 then you lose. If there are 15 corners then you lose £50 (15-10=5 @ £10 per corner.) Conversely if you believe that both teams will attack down the wings and thus produce a plethora of corners then you can ‘buy’ the corners. If you again ‘buy’ at £10 per unit then for every corner over 11 corners you will win £10, but for every corner under 11 corners you will lose £10. This is a form of betting used more increasingly by serious players and is something which over the course of the season I will be introducing to my clients.


Any form of investing or speculating must have a sound basis for correctly assessed predictions and decisions if it is to be successful in the long term. Betting on football matches with bookmakers, albeit a risky venture, is one of the few forms of legal betting available in the world that offers the informed backer a realistic chance of emerging an overall winner. The fact that most bookmakers survive in a business is due testimony to the haphazard approach used by the vast majority of their customers. Its not too difficult to get into the winning group if you are prepared to put in the effort necessary to gain an edge over the layers. This site directs you to several profitable areas that can be exploited for your own gain. Our friends, whom some call the enemy, will continue to provide the opporunities within reason - it is the other backers, haphazard chancing guessers who provide the middlemen with their profits. Greed and impatience will continue to cloud any judgement that could be to their benefit and so, the game goes on.


 1. Establish a betting bank ( essential ) 20 x maximum stake
 2. Bet Online
 3. Specialise in lower divisions : establish a niche
 4. Use odds checker sites
5. Look for value
 6. When backing multiple bets use permutations
 7. Check team websites : team news
 8. Check previous meeting statistics
 9. Check home and away statistics
10. Consider a new managers effect
 11. Check the goal difference columns
 12. Look at teams played when analysing early league tables
13. Learn a sides bogey team ( yes it happens )
 14. Stake sensibly
 15. Monitor and record your transactions

 1. Bet with money you cannot afford to lose : never chase losses
 2. Be attracted to bookmaker promotions
 3. Use betting shop long lists
 4. Use multiple accumulators
 5. Invest heavily in high profile games
 6. Bet odds on with away win selections
 7. Bet on correct scores
 8. Bet when under the influence of alcohol
9. Bet out of boredom
 10. Bet on friendly fixtures
11. Bet on local derbies
12. Bet on games played in atrocious weather
13. Bet on meaningless end of season fixtures
 14. Bet on goals x corners ( worst bet on the card usually )
 15. Rush, a slapdash approach means empty wallet These are very simple guidelines that if adhered to will go some way to giving punters a more realistic prospect of turning a profit. Ignore them and your bookmaker will welcome you with open arms.


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Please note this service is not a get rich quick scheme. It is for both novice and more experienced football betting enthusiasts who are prepared to bet in a professional manner, aiming to achieve consistent, long term profit.

Joey Barton Singled Out For Obscene Punishment

In an era of obscene wealth running through the upper echelons of the English game here at 12xbetting we have consistently stated that the product does not merit such finance. Arrogant greedy players, shady agents, managers on the take as well as directors running clubs who are not fit and proper people. We had an England manager in charge for one game before he was exposed as a crook. He now happens to be back managing in the top flight. What short memories. In light of such facts it is utterly ridiculous the punishment handed out to Joey Barton, a so called soccer bad boy. Pleading guilty to the offences of illegal betting on soccer matches the powers that be decided an example had to be made and an 18 month sentence has been handed down. Double the sentence handed down to Eric Cantona for his Kung Fu kick on a supporter. As in the recent VIP sex scandals that followed the Savile revelations where Hall and Harris were sent down as scapegoats, whilst the real beasts are protected, Barton himself is the easy target for the footballing authorities. His offence was in our opinion not as serious as the one being committed by Shady Sam. We wish Joey well with any appeal he mounts and hope the man is allowed to continue with what is left of his career.

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