2015/16 New Football Season Recommended Ante Post Value Betting Selections

English Premiership Relegated
Crystal Palace : 8/1
Bookmaker Bet Victor
Stake £12.00

Scottish Premier Without Celtic
Dundee United Each Way (top 2) 1/3 odds 12/1
Bookmaker Bet 365
Stake £6.00 e/w = £12.00

Scottish Premiership Handicap
Dundee United +37 (top 3) 1/4 odds 9/1
Bookmaker Bet 365
Stake £7.50 e/w = £15.00

English Championship Make Play Offs 
Ipswich 4/1
Bookmaker Boyle Sports
Stake £20.00

English League 1 Play Offs
Doncaster 4/1
Bookmaker Boyle Sports
Stake £20.00

Variable Level Stakes Total Bet £79.00

Ante post betting is a more speculative form of betting and tends to be favored by some of the more serious bettors out there.
A lot of things over the course of a season can throw a spanner or two into the works so it is best to tread warily and keep the stakes fairly small.
Using variable level stakes each of the five selections above all return roughly £100.00 so even a 20% strike rate will turn us a profit.
I like to give my subscribers a free ante post bet just to get the new season up and running and hopefully a few will take the plunge and enjoy monitoring it as the season unfolds.
Thank you once again to all followers both old and new and together we can all have a fantastic season and enjoy filling our wallets at the expense of the layers.
Bring on the weekend.

2015/16 SEASON : Whats New

After a great summer of sport now is the time football fans start looking ahead with excitement to the new football season.
Football betting enthusiasts even more.


If come 4.50pm every Saturday during the football season you are habitually complaining to your mates about your unlucky football selections you are not alone. Thousands upon thousands of football fans lose their hard earned cash in a similar manner every weekend and unfortunately for themselves never learn the lessons from this painful experience.


Betting on football these days is massive. Bookmakers cannot wait for August as they rub their hands in anticipation at the massive returns they will run up over the impending 9 months.


If you are one of the winning 1.5% who know how to turn a profit and are shrewd enough to get the better of the layers over the course of the season I congratulate you. Well done indeed. However the chances are if you are reading this article right now you are not one of those very astute investors. You are more likely to be accustomed to last minute equalisers, main man sent off, goals disallowed, dubious penalties and the other agonies we have all suffered when we pit our wits against the bookie.


Whenever a layer offers something new, market wise, be on your guard and try not to get sucked in.
One bet which has become very profitable for them is for both teams to score, which in all truth is a slight variation on the under/over 2.5 goals bet.
A lot of punters think that both sides scoring would mean plenty of goals but, of course, 1-1 scorelines stay in the under 2.5 goals camp. Equally, some think that one side failing to score that the game would have few goals in it, but sides winning by three or more goals to nil would take the game into the overs camp.
The number of games where one side wins by 3 or more goals to nil or where the score is 1-1 are closer than punters imagine. In other words, both sides to score is another toss of the coin job with a similar tangential relationship to the current form of both teams.
Later in the season I plan to analyse the relationship between relative form and league positions and the under/overs, both sides to score and one
or neither side to score scenarious. It is doubtful however I will uncover a flashing light revealing an area hiding hidden gold but of course for bookies the real money lies in making punters believe the bet is much easier than it really is.


An example of Spread Betting

As well as Asian handicaps, another form of betting I get asked about a lot is spread betting. This is a little more complex than straightforward 12x and is something I will go into with a more in depth analysis as the season progresses but the following scenario is a typical example.


Any form of investing or speculating must have a sound basis for correctly assessed predictions and decisions if it is to be successful in the long term.
Betting on football matches with bookmakers, albeit a risky venture, is one of the few forms of legal betting available in the world that offers the informed backer a realistic chance of emerging an overall winner. The fact that most bookmakers survive in a business is due testimony to the haphazard approach used by the vast majority of their customers.

Fixed Odds Basics Summary


1. Establish a betting bank ( essential ) 20 x maximum stake


Please if you are serious about putting an end to long losing runs, understanding why is key. You will never win big money on a regular basis if you work full time in other industries.

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