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Our weekly Lucky 15 for season 2017/18 will cover fixtures starting weekend 05/08/17.
Subscriptions for both new subscribers and long term subscribers will be available two weeks prior starting on 22/07/17.
Please do not send any monies before this date.
Proof of bets advised will be a new feature for the coming season.
This will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the final game being completed.
Also posted on the site will be updated records of money staked, profit and loss and return on outlay.
Our service is open and honest and is ideal for both novice bettors and more seasoned investors.
Please note this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a professional service dedicated to assisting punters looking to enjoy their weekend football betting and more importantly get into that enjoyable habit called winning.
There really is no feeling quite like it.
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Whenever a layer offers something new, market wise, be on your guard and try not to get sucked in. One bet which has become very profitable for them is for both teams to score, which in all truth is a slight variation on the under/over 2.5 goals bet. A lot of punters think that both sides scoring would mean plenty of goals but, of course, 1-1 scorelines stay in the under 2.5 goals camp. Equally, some think that one side failing to score that the game would have few goals in it, but sides winning by three or more goals to nil would take the game into the overs camp. The number of games where one side wins by 3 or more goals to nil or where the score is 1-1 are closer than punters imagine. In other words, both sides to score is another toss of the coin job with a similar tangential relationship to the current form of both teams. Later in the season I plan to analyse the relationship between relative form and league positions and the under/overs, both sides to score and one or neither side to score scenarious. It is doubtful however I will uncover a flashing light revealing an area hiding hidden gold but of course for bookies the real money lies in making punters believe the bet is much easier than it really is. Ladbrokes have started a new bet with what they call a safety net attached. It guarantees a payout even if one of your selections fail. Basically what they are trying to do is tempt more punters to select large multiple accumulators. The safety net however comes at a price that really is not doing the punter any favours. What to remember and this may seem obvious is that five ,six, seven team accumulators are frequently let down by more than one team. Punters like to think there is always just one team which has let them down as these are the bets which stay in the mind longer due to increased disapointment at a near miss. It is that feeling this betting is trading on. Take my advice and leave well alone.

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