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Joey Barton Singled Out For Obscene Punishment

In an era of obscene wealth running through the upper echelons of the English game here at 12xbetting we have consistently stated that the product does not merit such finance. Arrogant greedy players, shady agents, managers on the take as well as directors running clubs who are not fit and proper people. We had an England manager in charge for one game before he was exposed as a crook. He now happens to be back managing in the top flight. What short memories. In light of such facts it is utterly ridiculous the punishment handed out to Joey Barton, a so called soccer bad boy. Pleading guilty to the offences of illegal betting on soccer matches the powers that be decided an example had to be made and an 18 month sentence has been handed down. Double the sentence handed down to Eric Cantona for his Kung Fu kick on a supporter. As in the recent VIP sex scandals that followed the Savile revelations where Hall and Harris were sent down as scapegoats, whilst the real beasts are protected, Barton himself is the easy target for the footballing authorities. His offence was in our opinion not as serious as the one being committed by Shady Sam. We wish Joey well with any appeal he mounts and hope the man is allowed to continue with what is left of his career.


7.45pm Scottish Championship
Falkirk v Dumbarton
Odds 2/1
Bookmaker : Paddy Power
Stake £25.00 Win Single

7.30pm French 1.
Guingamp v Marseille
Odds 16/5
Bookmaker : Paddy Power
Stake £18.00 Win Single

7.30pm Spanish Primera
Villareal v Espanyol
Odds 5/1
Bookmaker : Coral
Stake £12.50 Win Single

Harry Redknapps Disgraceful Liverpool Comments

No Love Lost
I realise media darling Arry is out of work and needs the publicity but his comments on Liverpool football club are I feel very insulting to Brendan Rogers.
Good Ole Arry states it is the worst Liverpool team ever and they are lucky to have any points. There is no shape to the team and then he slags of a young left back.
Sounds like Redknapp is still bitter that his own career has went down the pan, lets face it he is an expert on average teams. Daniel Levy seen through his disloyalty to Tottenham and despite thinking he was a certainty for England the FA decided no thanks.
One FA Cup with Pompie in nearly 40 years of management and he thinks he can come out with such nonsense. Would he have made such remarks if he was still a Premiership manager? I think not.
It might not be a good Liverpool side compared to the great sides they have had in the past but his comments about Gerrard and Carragher being the reason for the decline is more guff.
Carragher was a very average centre half and Gerrard had been on the slide for about the last 3 seasons before Rogers decided it was time to ease him out the door. Losing Suarez has had a far bigger impact on Liverpool than those 2 legends.
The truth is despite winning a Champions League in 2005 this great club has been in decline for years. Not once winning the Premiership is a shocking statistic but there are numerous reasons for that, which in my opinion is mainly down to bad overseas ownership.
This performance for the media today also begs the question why is he singling out Liverpool. Man United are in decline, City and Chelsea are on top due to financial muscle and quite frankly if he wants to talk ordinary that could apply to every other club in the top flight.
The man lacks class and clearly has a very high opinion of himself. If I was Brendan Rogers I would tell him to shut his ignorant mouth. Manage Liverpool Harry, in your dreams.
Whilst I have no problems with pundits who tell it as it is, spouting nonsense to get yourself in the papers is pathetic. I believe there must be a personal beef between him and the club or his son has been upset by someone at the club. No othe reason in my opinion for such snidey comments.
Finally when is Arry going to tell us the real reason he left QPR. Another relegation on his cv was too much to bare. If QPR were challenging for a Champions League spot would he have said sorry guv I am handing in my notice as I need to go into hospital. The answer to that is no.
Now he is back today letting everybody know I am looking for a job.
I for one hope he finds a club soon, the man is clearly not cut out for punditry. As a betting man I can guarantee one thing though, he will not manage in the top flight again. None of them pay cash in hand.
As for punditry I will stick to Roy Keane thank you.

Despite only being 3 points of a top 4 spot the Liverpool owners decide its time for a fresh face.
12xbetting rate Brendan Rogers as a decent manager and would like to wish him well for the future.
No doubt Redknapp will be happy, however as of today Harry remains without a club.

Tonights Free Bet

QPR are in good form and look like comfortable winners tonight against a Blackburn side struggling for goals.
Coral offer a very attractive 7/2 for Rangers to score 3+ goals.
Too good to miss.

Weekend Selections Form Guide

Stenhousemuir v Stranraer

Stenhousemuir Leaking Goals : Conceded 11 Last 3 Games
Stenhousemuir Home and Away : 80% Of Games Over 3.5 Goals
Stranraer Away : 50% Of Games Over 3.5 Goals
14/15 Season : Stranraer Accumulate 38 Points More

Albion Rovers v Airdrie

At This Venue : Airdrie Lost 4 Last 18

Airdrie Won 4 Of Last 5 : Lost To Rangers
Albion Rovers Home : Failed To Score 0% Last 6
Airdrie Away : Failed To Score 0% Last 3

Southend United v Shrewsbury

Total Goals : 9 Out Of Last 10 Games Under 3.5
At This Venue : Southend Won 4 Out Of Last 5
At This Venue : Shrewsbury Won 6 Out Of Last 29
Clean Sheets : Southend 1. Shrewsbury 0 : (6 Games )

Bristol Rovers v Accrington Stanley

Total Goals : Bristol Rovers : Over 3.5/ 17% ( 6 Games )
                       Accrington Stanley : Over 3.5/ 0% ( 6 Games )
Total Goals : Bristol City : Under 2.5/ 83% ( 6 Games )
                       Accrington Stanley : Under 2.5/ 100% ( 6 Games )
Head 2 Head : Accrington Stanley Won 4 Out Of Last 5
                        Bristol Rovers Won 2 Out Of Last 8

Free Weekend Standout Value : Win

Bet Fred League Cup

28/07/17 : Kick Off

Brechin City v Falkirk

Recommended Selection

Falkirk To Score Both Halves

Odds 7/5

Bookmaker Stan James
Free Weekend Standout Value : Win

ENGLISH NATIONAL SIDE views on England v Holland
Mixed responses in the mainstream press today following Englands 3-2 defeat to Holland at Wembley last night.
Stuart Pearce selected a young side in what is likely to be his only game in charge of the national side following Fabio Capello`s resignation. The thinking behind his decision was to experiment with different personnel as playing Lampard, Terry and Cole for example would not tell him what he did not already know about the Chelsea trio. This off course is perfectly correct. However this then begs the question what exactly did he learn from last nights friendly? My instinct is last nights defeat only confirmed what non biased interested parties already knew. English football at International level is going backwards.
The commentator pre match quite gleefully told us this was a match which according to FIFA rankings was between the fourth and fifth best ranked sides in world. Not for him the idea of England ranking at number five might be ever so slightly fanciful.
To be fair the Dutch did field a very strong line up and were the World Cup runners up but once the match started it followed an all to all familiar pattern.
The ease with which their players were composed on the ball contrasts sharply to Englands lack of real technical ability which no interim boss or even the new guy at the healm will be able to rectify.
As a fan I find this deeply depressing and with the Euros on the horizon I find myself believing qualifying from the group would be exceeding my expectations.
Scott Parker needs gifted footballers along side him in midfield to be effective, something England are bereft of and the fact he was captain shows the real lack of outstanding footballers in the engine room of the side.
Joe Hart is a first class goalkeeper, Ashley Cole on his day is as good a full back as anyone and Wayne Rooney although over hyped is capable of outstanding moments although we are still waiting on big International occassions.
Last night showed the future is not good enough to achieve success any time soon and I believe whoever is in charge in the summer will go with the tried and tested. What is the alternative?
It is becoming accepted that a new manager will not be appointed anytime soon which all points to Harry Redknap taking the reins at the end of the season. I for one do not believe that the media darling Harry will make the slightest bit difference to Englands fortunes. Beeing a cheeky chappie cockney and playing along with the hacks at a press conference does not hide the fact Harry does not have an outstanding CV.
Patriotic yes, got Spurs playing good football yes, but a winner at the highest level?
When Capello became the boss Harry was lavish in his praise saying how much he respected the Italian and that if he could not do anything with England no one could. Short memories indeed as Fabio was told good riddance.
Until England stop this notion that the national side continually under achieves and accepts that our game is in decline and we do not have players good enough at top level the sooner we can start to address the problem.
Good luck to whoever picks up the poisoned chalice.


With only 2 weeks to go before the start of the new season I think the sensible thing is to postpone the start of the new season. This fiasco with teams not even knowing what division they will be playing in will not be sorted out in time.
Teams do not even know what if any TV money they will receive, hence despite everything, the numpties at the SPL are still trying to formulate a plan to save the new Rangers from the indignity of life at the bottom. David Murray and Craig Whyte should be in the dock in the highest court in the land for inflicting this amount of disgrace on a Scottish institution, as well as making Scottish football even more of an embarrassment. I believe the enormity of the situation has finally dawned on rivals Celtic, despite statements to the contrary, as they begin to realise it will be impossible to flourish as a club and achieve success in Europe without beeing able to attract quality signings playing in a one team championship. Time will tell how this works out but I truly believe Scottish football as a product will never again produce the players it did in the sixties, seventies and eighties, not only because of the demise of the Ibrox giants, but from the lack of leadership and vision from the blazers at Park Gardens as well as talented individuals at grass roots level . Rangers had to be punished for their financial scams but I for one want only the best for Scottish football. Petty tribalism is killing the game and every genuine football person, be it club chairman or paying punter has to play a positive part if the game is to rise from its death bed. I also believe all genuine football fans will recognise the loyalty and dignity displayed by Ally Mcoist, a Rangers man to his toe nails who every day has witnessed and has had to deal with the nightmare happening before his own eyes. A lesser individual would have walked by now. Unfortunately the new ownership, led by Mr Charles Green, who in my opinion is another asset stripper does not understand such matters. Watch your back Alistair. Finally good luck to the bookmakers pricing up the pantomine that is Scottish football. To all my subscribers, rest assured I will be giving it a wide berth.

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