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Week 1. Start Date And Information

Our weekly Lucky 15 for season 2017/18 will cover fixtures starting weekend 05/08/17.
Subscriptions for both new subscribers and long term subscribers will be available two weeks prior starting on 22/07/17.
Please do not send any monies before this date.
Proof of bets advised will be a new feature for the coming season.
This will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the final game being completed.
Also posted on the site will be updated records of money staked, profit and loss and return on outlay.
Our service is open and honest and is ideal for both novice bettors and more seasoned investors.
Please note this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a professional service dedicated to assisting punters looking to enjoy their weekend football betting and more importantly get into that enjoyable habit called winning.
There really is no feeling quite like it.
Enjoy the site.


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 After another great summer of sport we have arrived at the time of the year when football fans up and down the country are once again looking forward to the beautiful game taking centre stage. For football betting enthusiasts the prospect of taking on the layers and enjoying some handsome profits adds to the pleasure. As a seasoned campaigner who relies on sound judgement for a living I have spent the close season glued to my computer screen monitoring every snippet of data which will help give me an edge over the vast multitude of layers who are eagerly looking for a slice of a very lucrative but competitive market. The level of betting opportunities for football punters has exploded in the last few years and is now at a mind boggling level. Therefore to keep a sense of perspective and so as not to be swamped by all this round the clock action 12xbetting will only be taking a financial interest in the above mentioned leagues. Bookmakers are human and are prone to greed, therefore to take advantage as a punter it is imperative to develop a niche. Therefore for the 2017/18 season if you enjoy betting on the Japanese J league or South American action we are not going to be the service for you. That is not to say betting on such leagues is bad policy, if that is your niche market, opportunities to come out ahead are there. However for purpose of clarity especially for new followers 80% of our advised bets are from the lower leagues in England and Scotland with European bets added to the mix when standout opportunities avail. Once again as last season free bets will be advised midweek when outstanding value looks the order of the day. Please if you are frustrated with your lack of returns please take the time to read this site and consider investing in a service that guarantees sound professional advice at all times. Weekend selections and results are put on the website the following Monday.
 Let the fun begin.

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